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First , a warm welcome to my new and updated site. I created the first anthonywatson.net.au site some 7 years ago as a learning exercise , exploring the notion of a place on the web where I could share some of my content and some views. Like many , I had all the intention of keeping it up to date with articles and commentary – but got busy like most trying to juggle work, family etc.

Fast forward to 2015 and I find myself increasingly making comment, writing the odd article etc but on social media properties such as LinkedIn and also joining the conversation on Twitter. This site is my attempt to do a better job at stitching my social media participation together in a single space ; while learning along the way how best to use the tools and technology I have at my disposal here.

Who is Anthony Watson?

Technology has been at the centre of my career for almost 20 years. I am passionate about working with organisations to maximise ROI from technology investment and utilise it as a catalyst for innovation and organisational transformation for the benefit of both employees and customers alike.

My career to date has been focused on the Asia Pacific Region , often leading a geographically dispersed multi-country teams. I have had the opportunity to work in technology leadership roles across the High Technology, Biotechnology and Banking & Finance sectors, all focused on this dynamic region.

You can find me on –

Twitter: @watsonad

LinkIn: http://nz.linkedin.com/in/anthonywatson/en

AboutMe: http://about.me/anthony_watson

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