– staying curious


“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”
– Albert Einstein

It’s been sometime since I have actively looked to maintain my own blog site as it has historically been for me a time consuming exercise ; time being a very precious commodity that much like you , I don’t have much of! However as Einstein put it in the quote above – a recent read over summer inspired me to bite the bullet, retire the old site of static and fairly crude HTML and try something new.

I will for completeness migrate a few of the articles I wrote on the original site , if nothing else for my own archives; however my primary purpose here is to explore how a personal web presence such as this can be best integrated with other social media sites like LinkedIn , Twitter etc.

While I will be upfront and say this is partly an exercise in personal branding , it is also a genuine attempt to share my own views and commentary on Technology and how its transforming how we live our lives across the world. It’s the anticipation of watching as technology trends unfold, as commercial ventures succeed and fail that makes working as a Technologist exciting and unpredictable .

So I hope you will join me on the journey – will be a little rough while I learn how to drive this site in its new form. Thanks for stopping by.


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