Enterprise search – a collaborative opportunity

Search is so ingrained into how we find public information, the reality is that without it – the internet would not be the information utility it is today. Search of one form or another is built into just about every  software or digital product we utilise today. Within large enterprises, Enterprise Search is often pitched … Read more

Repost 2012: CIO’s Tech Grads Don’t Want to Work for You

We all generally agree that the capability of our enterprise technology functions is driven by the quality and experience of our staff. It’s hard to get “good people” and important to retain them once they are in the door. To develop the technology leaders of the future, we hire talented technology graduates in order to … Read more

Repost 2012: Next gen organisational learning & development.

Problem Statement So how do you look for information today? If your like 99% of people, you prefer a Google search to leafing through the phone book. When you want to learn “How to <insert topic here>” you typically google that also. Many of you will use social media to share thoughts and ideas, you … Read more

Repost 2012: Consumer tech and why it matters to CIO’s

The rapidly accelerating rates of consumer technology adoption and use of popular online “cloud” services globally is rapidly creating the new benchmark that CXO’s , company boards and staff are using to judge the performance of their CIO and their Technology functions. While many of the technology’s are architecturally insignificant (its just another client on … Read more